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Reds 7, Brewers 6: Ron Roenicke's comments

Here are some of Ron Roenicke's comments following the game, as seen on FS Wisconsin:

When asked why he argued the call on the ninth inning blown fielder's choice that loaded the bases:

"Out of the baseline. Well, you know, it's hard for me to see where the guy starts. It's not on the line where the basepath is, it's wherever that guy starts. So he creates his own basepath. And if he started back behind the bag, then where he ended up probably was more than the three feet. But I couldn't...I don't know where he started.

"Casey (McGehee) thought where the guy started, he said he took a step to him and reached out."

On Axford:

"The last couple of outings they've liked the way he's thrown the ball. The velocity was there today, you know, he threw a couple of good breaking balls, and it's just a matter of him spotting the ball a little better, but his stuff was good."

On Gallardo's outing:

"I thought he threw the ball great. I did. I think early, he wasn't using his off speed stuff as much, gave up a couple there. Once he started going to the curveball and mixing up speeds better, I thought he threw the ball great."

On what he'll say to Axford:

"It depends. I'll swing by him tomorrow, and I'm gonna just say a little something but, I'll swing by tomorrow and see how he is, but it's not...I don't want to make a big deal out of it. Yes, it's a tough way to start but  we have a long season to go and I don't want him worried about it."