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Giants 7, Brewers 2

The ball went really far that way
The ball went really far that way

Win: Jeff Suppan
Loss: Tim Dillard

HR: Kottaras (1), Belt (1)

  • The Brewers continued their brilliant strategy of making Jeff Suppan look dominating so the Giants are tricked into putting him on their roster.  Today, the Brewers allowed Suppan to go three innings with just one hit.  Erick Almonte showed his inexperience and accidentally singled off Suppan.
  • Tim Dillard showed why he's only played in 15 career major league games, giving up five earned runs and allowing five runners to reach base in just one inning.  This is why I didn't include you on my Position Battles article, Tim. 
  • John Axford pitched in his first game back, and gave up two hits in one inning.  Mark DiFelice gave up just one walk in one inning.  Zach Braddock is apparently going to suffer a huge regression next year after giving up two runs in one inning.
  • George Kottaras went 1-2 with a homerun as he tries to earn a potential starting role at the beginning of the season with Lucroy hurt.  If Lucroy can play, than the Grecian Sensation is fighting for a bench role.  
  • Prince Fielder is hitting .000 this year in spring training.  That should lessen his future contract some.
  • Yuni tempered his greatness and decided not to pick up a hit today.  He's got to save some of that sexy, sexy hitting prowess for the regular season, of course.