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Spring Training Game Thread #-26: Angels (4-3) at Brewers (4-2)

After a devastating loss that saw the Brewers drop to fifth in the cactus league (disgusting) behind the Reds, Rangers, Royals, and Giants, Milwaukee goes against the LA Angels to salvage what shred of dignity they have left.  Shaun Marcum is the only hope as he gets the start for the Brewers.  He'll face off against his counterpart on Los Angeles, who I'm sure will be devastating.

At this point, the season looks lost.  The Brewers should trade anyone with an ounce of talent and restock for a run in 2015.

Here are your Brewers hopeful saviors today:


Counsell 6
Reed 8
Braun 7
Fielder DH
McGehee 5
Kotsay 3
Boggs 9
Nieves 2
Maysonet 4

No Yuni?  Are they even trying to win the Cactus League?