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Brewers 4/1, Athletics/Rangers 5/8

W's: Grant Balfour, Matt Harrison
L's: Josh Butler, Zack Greinke

HR: Chris Davis (2)

Brewers vs. Athletics box, Brewers vs. Rangers box

Apparently my earlier recap didn't post, so I'm rewriting it now at 10:30 at night.  After not having any means to pay attention to either game and needing to work on a lot of homework for the next week.  Dedication!  Anyway, having not watched/listened to either game there isn't much I can tell you beyond the box scores, so here's my attempt at that.

  • Gio Gonzalez might be my favorite pitcher that I've never actually seen pitch.  Today against the Brewers, he didn't allow a hit in three innings but walked two while striking out five.  That seems like a microcosm of exactly what he can do.  He can strike out a lot of hitters and will also walk plenty of batters.  Without ever having seen him, he comes off to me like a pitcher who could be both incredibly exciting and incredibly frustrating to watch. 
  • Dan Merklinger struggled, giving up three runs in one inning.  It's easier to pick out which pitchers struggle because just looking at the box score it seems just about every pitcher in the Athletics game pitched OK.  Other than Merklinger.  John Butler also gave up a run and two hits in one inning.  So I guess he didn't pitch OK. 
  • Erick Almonte (3-4) and Caleb Gindl (2-3) both had nice days hitting.  Carlos George (two errors) did not have a nice day fielding. 
  • Yuni got a hit.
  • Brandon Kintzler was the only Brewer pitcher against the Rangers who did not give up a run.  By all accounts, Zack Greinke started off shaky but settled down.  Robert Hinton, Zack Segovia and Justin James (the former two of whom I have never even heard of) all gave up at least two runs each. 
  • Zealous Wheeler went 2-3 and Edwin Maysonet went 2-4 as the only two Brewer hitters with multiple hits in the Rangers game.
  • Carlos Gomez got on base once via a single then stole second and third, though he wasn't able to score.