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Spring Training Game Threads #-22: Dodgers (4-7) at Brewers (6-4)

Takashi Saito gets the start for the Brewers as they take on the Dodgers and John Ely.

The Dodgers lost Vicente Padilla to arm surgery, leaving a possible opening in the Dodgers lineup for a starting pitcher. John Ely is hoping to fill that role.

From the LA Times:

With five veterans in the rotation and swingman Vicente Padilla due to return in early May, Ely said he understands his chances of making the club as a starter are slim.

"But I want to make it as hard a decision as possible for them to send me anywhere," he said.

Ely said he wouldn’t mind pitching out of the bullpen if it means he can be in the majors.

"I’ll go stand in center field on my head if they want," he said.

Follow the jump for lineups:

Brewers lineup:

Counsell 4

Kotsay DH

Braun 7

Fielder 3

McGehee 5

Dickerson 8

Cruz 6

Nieves 2

Gindl 9

Saito P


Dodgers Lineup:

Gwynn 9

Navarro 2

Ethier DH

Kemp 8

Gibbons 7

DeJesus 4

Mitchell 3

Castro 6

Miles 5

Ely P