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For Entertainment Purposes Only: Bodog Loves The Brewers

Some of us are down a bit on the Brewers after yesterday's tough loss, but not everyone is. Bodog.comI  is listing the Brewers as the fifth most likely team to win the World Series:

  1. Phillies 13/4
  2. Red Sox 9/2
  3. Yankees 7/1
  4. Giants 12/1
  5. Brewers 16/1
I received an email yesterday with many more proposition bets for the 2011 season. Follow the jump to see them.

The Brewers are also considered the third most likely team to represent the NL in the World Series:

  1. Phillies 8/5
  2. Giants 13/2
  3. Brewers 9/1
  4. Reds and 2 others 11/1
And, as you probably could've guessed from the odds above, they're the favorites to win the Central:
  1. Brewers 9/5
  2. Reds 2/1
  3. Cardinals 3/1
  4. Cubs 9/2
  5. Astros 25/1
  6. Pirates 40/1
Yesterday I mentioned on Twitter that I don't think the NL Wild Card will come from the Central, since there are too many good teams in the East and West. Apparently Vegas disagrees, because they have the Brewers as the third most likely team to win that too:
  1. Braves 11/2
  2. Phillies 6/1
  3. Brewers 13/2
On the individual side, the Brewers have two candidates among the top six for NL MVP:
  1. Albert Pujols 3/1
  2. Joey Votto 11/2
  3. Ryan Braun 8/1
  4. Troy Tulowitzki 8/1
  5. Carlos Gonzalez 12/1
  6. Prince Fielder 12/1
Yovani Gallardo (15/1, tied for ninth), Zack Greinke (15/1, tied for ninth) and Shaun Marcum (25/1, tied for 15th) are also listed among the top 27 candidates for NL Cy Young.

Like betting on the long ball? Prince Fielder is tied for the third most likely to lead baseball in home runs:
  1. Albert Pujols 7/1
  2. Adam Dunn 7/1
  3. Prince Fielder, Jose Bautista or Ryan Howard 10/1
Ryan Braun (35/1), Corey Hart (50/1) and Rickie Weeks (125/1) are also available.

Finally, there are a boatload of individual over/unders out there:

Player Stat O/U
Ryan Braun HR 27.5
Ryan Braun RBI 106.5
Prince Fielder HR 36.5
Prince Fielder RBI 100.5
Corey Hart HR 26
Corey Hart RBI 89.5
Rickie Weeks HR 27
Casey McGehee HR 22
Zack Greinke Wins 12.5
Zack Greinke ERA 3.38
Zack Greinke Strikeouts 180
Yovani Gallardo Wins 15
Yovani Gallardo ERA 3.57
Yovani Gallardo Strikeouts 210.5
Shaun Marcum Wins 14.5
John Axford Saves 28.5

Obviously, Vegas is run by people who are pretty good at taking your money, and the only way to win is to take a look at these numbers, nod for a moment and then close the window.

With that said, anything look interesting?