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Stat of the Day: On The Road Again

With Miller Park's retractable roof the Brewers have a relatively rare resource: A home park that guarantees weather will not be an issue, regardless of conditions outside. This week, baseball will be played in sub-freezing temperatures and possibly snow, but the roof and climate controls in Milwaukee assure ideal conditions.

Yet somehow Major League Baseball has, more often than not, failed to take full advantage of that guarantee. Since Opening Miller Park in 2001, the Brewers have started the season on the road in eight of the last eleven seasons.

Season Opening Day Home/Away Opponent Home Opener
2011 March 31 Away Reds April 4
2010 April 5 Home Rockies n/a
2009 April 7 Away Giants April 10
2008 March 31 Away Cubs April 4
2007 April 2 Home Dodgers n/a
2006 April 3 Home Pirates n/a
2005 April 4 Away Pirates April 11
2004 April 5 Away Cardinals April 9
2003 March 31 Away Cardinals April 4
2002 April 2 Away Astros April 5
2001 April 2 Away Dodgers April 6