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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

Since last we met, the Brewers have gone 4-3! Whoa!

This afternoon, the Brewers finish off the Cubs in Miller Park before a much needed off-day. Then, they'll be on the way to Pittsburgh to plunder the Pirates (we hope!).

Follow the jump for pictures and more!


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Nyjer Morgan shows off his mad jumping skills last night against the Cubbies.



Milwaukee Brewers' Nyjer Morgan (2) Yells Out As He Scores A Run On A Double By Prince Fielder, Near <a class=
And wow does he have some spunk!



Milwaukee Brewers' Nyjer Morgan (2) Collides
Also, he's fly, like a G6.



Milwaukee Brewers' Prince Fielder(28) Scores
Prince got jealous, so naturally he gave it his best.



Randy Wolf started the game on Friday night, just proving more and more that he's the new Suppan.



Milwaukee Brewers' Rickie Weeks (23) Scores
Can't touch this!



Milwaukee Brewers' Ryan Braun Rounds
Oh, and we finally have a multiple-run homer from Brauny boy.



Milwaukee Brewers Starting Pitcher Marco Estrada Delivers
Let's not forget Eric Marco Estrada's start Wednesday night, leading to a Brewers win!



But, no one can deny that the best picture this week comes from our Tuesday win over the Braves, where Yovani Gallardo was awesomeness incarnate pitched a complete game shutout.


(pictures from Yahoo!)