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Today In Brewer History: No-No Nieves

On this day in 1987 lefthander Juan Nieves made his second start of the season for the Brewers, who were 8-0 at the time. Nieves had just turned 22 the previous week but was already making the 35th start of his major league career. As a 21 year old in 1986, Nieves had thrown 184.2 innings and posted a 4.92 ERA. The previous year, he'd pitched 188.2 innings as a 20 year old between AA and AAA.

Nieves' previous outing wasn't very good: He allowed six runs on eight hits to the Rangers over 5.1 innings, but picked up the win anyway in the Brewers' 11-8 victory. He more than made up for the weak outing this time out, however, as he threw the only no-hitter in Brewer history. Glenn Braggs, Dale Sveum and Greg Brock all homered in the game as the Brewers won 7-0 to move to 9-0 on the season.

Nieves walked five batters in the game but allowed nothing else, striking out seven. It was the fifth complete game of his young career, and his fourth shutout.

Unfortunately, at 22 years old Nieves was already nearing the end of the road. Following the no hitter, he pitched just 57 more games before an arm injury ended his major league career at age 23. If a 20-23 year old pitcher was handled like Nieves today and got injured, it's possible his manager would be publicly executed.

These days, Nieves is spending his fourth season as the bullpen coach for the White Sox.

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