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Stat Of The Night: Tough Breaks For Braddock

If you watched tonight's game, you saw the Brewers suffer a tough, 4-3 extra inning loss. You might not have known it, but you also witnessed a small piece of history.

Think back, for a moment, to the Nationals' half of the tenth inning:

- Rick Ankiel flied out.
- Jayson Werth reached on an error, and advanced to second.
- Werth stole third.
- Werth scored on Adam LaRoche's fielder's choice.

Zach Braddock was the pitcher for this inning, and somehow he picked up the loss without allowing a walk or a hit. He's the only pitcher in Brewer history to do that. And, perhaps most amazingly, he's done it twice.

On September 6 of last season, Braddock entered a game against the Cardinals in the eighth inning in relief of Yovani Gallardo. He faced two batters, retiring one on a groundout and hitting the other. That runner (Jon Jay) eventually came around to score the winning run.

The run that night was earned. As such, tonight Braddock became the first Brewer in franchise history to pick up a loss without allowing a hit, walk or earned run.