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Game Thread #14: Brewers (7-6) at Nationals (6-7)

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The Brewers get two day games in a row in Washington DC after last nights loss to the Nationals.

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Yovani Gallardo still isn't striking out many batters this season (3.60 K/9 in three starts) but the strikeouts will come. He's been excellent without them, anyway, though not so much in his last outing when he gave up four runs in just five innings. He's faced a couple of Nationals at least ten times. In 19 PA, Adam Laroche has hit .313/.421/.563 and Jerry Hairston has hit .100/.100/.200 in 10 PA.

With all the small sample size caveats in place, Jason Marquis has pitched excellent this year. He has over eight strikeouts per nine and around one and a half walk per nine and is good for a 2.84 FIP. Marquis has been not very good the last several years, so I wouldn't expect him to keep up this performance. He throws a fastball, slider, cutter and changeup. He has faced six Brewers ten or more times in his career and they have all hit excellently against him--the lowest OPS among the six is .883.

I don't have time for the lineups this morning as I'm off to work, but Tom H should have them up soon at the JS blog.