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Game Thread #14: Brewers (7-6) at Nationals (6-7)

It's a high of 66 degrees in Washington DC today, and it's supposed to be sunny all day. There won't be any rainouts today, just pure unadulterated Brewers/Nationals doubleheader baseball.

Follow the jump for everything you've come to expect.

Yovani Gallardo (1-0, 2.70) thus far has had one good start, one great start and one poor start, in that order. After a complete game two hit shutout, Gallardo gave up four runs in five innings his last outing, striking out just two, walking four and giving up seven hits. He just hasn't been striking out many hitters this year (3.6 K/9) and for now has a higher BB/9 (4.05). In addition, he also has just a .333 OPS batting, which would tie for the worst of his career. Gallardo has faced just two Nationals hitters at least ten times in his career: In 19 PA, Adam Laroche has hit .313/.421/.563 against him and in 10 PA, Jerry Hairston has hit .100/.100/.200

Jason Marquis (0-0, 3.65) has never been all that great of a pitcher, by MLB standards, but has been great in 2011. He currently has a 2.85 FIP, is striking out eight batters per nine innings and walking just one and a half per nine. His last game out he gave up nine hits plus walks, but also struck out the same amount in six innings. This year, he has thrown a fastball, changeup, cutter and slider and has also used a curveball over his career. Marquis has faced six Brewers at least ten times, all of whom have had great success--even Mark Kotsay. The lowest OPS against Marquis of the six is Rickie Weeks, who stands at .883.





Danny Espinosa 4
Rick Ankiel 8
Jayson Werth 9
Adam LaRoche 3
Mike Morse 7
Ian Desmond 6
Pudge Rodriguez 2
Alex Cora 5
Marquis 1