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Game Thread #15: Brewers at Nationals

Game two of the double header! I had to leave the apartment for a bit, so I scheduled this preemptively. Hopefully I timed it pretty well!

Pitchers after the jump

Marco Estrada (1-0, 5.14) hasn't pitched since April 9 when he pitched an inning in relief, giving up just a walk and no runs. In his first game of the season, three days prior to that, he started against the Braves and gave up four runs on eight hits and a walk. He does have a 3.82 xFIP on the year, but with only seven innings to his name that doesn't really mean a whole lot yet. Estrada has faced just four Nationals players in his career, none more than twice.

Exactly one year ago, Livan Hernandez (1-1, 3.50) started a game against the Brewers. That day, he had one of the better games of his career, going the full nine innings and shutting out Milwaukee on just four hits. The Brewers will of course be hoping for a much different outcome today. Hernandez had quite a resurgence in 2010 as he had his best year since his days with the Expos in 2003-2004.