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Stat Of The Night: Rickie Weeks Doesn't Go To Eleven

Despite the win it was a pretty poor night for a lot of Brewers tonight, and Rickie Weeks was no exception. Despite getting six plate appearances in the game Weeks failed to get a hit, ending his hitting streak at ten games.

This streak was the fourth time Weeks has put together hits in at least ten consecutive games. Surprisingly enough, he's never gotten a hit in the eleventh game. Here's a look at the four streaks:

Start End Games AVG OBP SLG Brewer record
4/10/2006 4/22/2006 10 .314 .375 .343 4-6
8/18/2007 8/30/2007 10 .444 .574 .694 4-6
4/5/2010 4/16/2010 10 .324 .479 .541 4-6
4/6/2011 4/17/2011 10 .293 .383 .390 6-4

Two things surprised me from these numbers:

  • First, three of the four streaks happened in April. The 2010 streak came in the Brewers' first ten games.
  • Second, though, the Brewers are just 18-22 in these games, despite the fact that their leadoff hitter had at least one hit in all of them.