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Stat Of The Night: Hitting Halladay Hard

As you've likely heard by now the Brewer offense had their best night of the season tonight, scoring nine runs in a game started by Roy Halladay. The reigning Cy Young winner allowed six of those runs, all earned, on ten hits in 6.2 innings of work.

Even with the rough outing tonight, Halladay's season ERA is still under 3. That's why it's interesting to note that he hasn't been all that good over the course of his career against the Brewers. Tonight was the third time he's faced them, and he's only been worse against one team:

Opponent Games IP ERA
Giants 3 18.2 7.23
Brewers 3 19.2 6.41
Rangers 20 124.1 5.36

Hopefully after tomorrow's game I'll be able to write a similar post about Cliff Lee: He's faced the Brewers one time in his career and allowed seven earned runs (including two home runs) in six innings, good for a 10.50 ERA.