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Brewers 9, Phillies 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

Here's what Ron Roenicke had to say about today's win, as seen on FS Wisconsin:

On beating Roy Halladay:

I think we were patient, you know the ball's never straight, and if you go up there just swinging you're going to have a lot of trouble. and I thought we were patient, I thought we waited for pitches that we know we can handle, and I thought it was a great effort.

On Ryan Braun and Carlos Gomez's big plays in the outfield:

Great catch, Braunie, great catch Gomez, when he had to go back for it. Actually, a couple of good catches for Gomey. Yeah, we played a great game.

On Randy Wolf's successful outing:

It's location. He's throwing his curveball for strikes when he wants to, and it's very hard to wait on that, and then he's locating his fastball good. So they're having to stay back and then all of a sudden he locates a fastball well and gets it by them. 

Again, on beating Halladay:

I like our pitchers because that's what I think they're capable of doing. I think, against a good offense, these guys can hold them down. And against Halladay, you've got to be able to hold them down, because you're normally not going to be able to score runs against him, at least not very many. I've seen their early leads before with him and the ball game's over.

On bouncing back with two straight wins:

I think it's a great lift for them after a bad series in Washington and hopefully this carries over and we get on that role that we'd like to.

On playing Craig Counsell in left late in the game:

Trying to get Braunie a couple of innings off. You know he played in that doubleheader, and I wish I would've been able to do it with Prince also, and with Casey, but we're short on bodies and so I was just trying to get Braunie a couple of innings off. 

On Zack Greinke's rehab starts, after being told the numbers:

Supposedly he threw the ball real well, and then I guess Corey played four innings.

On having one of baseball's best pitching staffs, even with Greinke in Brevard County:

It's very encouraging. That's outstanding, and again I talked about Estrada filling in that spot and he's a big part of that.