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Game Thread #2: Brewers (0-1) at Reds (1-0)

Oh man my first chance to post a game thread this season I hope I don't screw it up.

A bunch of stuff, after the jump

We get our very first look at Shaun Marcum in a major league game with the Brewers today. If you've been around anytime since December, you might know by now that he a 3.64 ERA and 3.74 FIP with the Blue Jays in 2010. Dude walked less than two and struck out more than seven and a half batters per nine innings last season. Now that he's out of the AL East, he should be even better. Marcum has a wicked changeup that I'm excited to see, and lefties seemingly can't hit him

Travis Wood had seventeen starts last year for the Reds and pitched well, with a 3.51 ERA and 3.42 FIP. He has similar peripherals to Marcum, except that he allows slightly more walks. Wood has a wicked fastball that was over 17 runs above average.

Brewers line-up:

2B Weeks

CF Gomez

LF Braun

1B Fielder

3B McGehee

RF Almonte

SS Betancourt

C Nieves

P Marcum

Almonte, of course, is getting the start in right after his stellar spring. If you've been paying close attention, you might know I'm not a big fan of the guy and think he'll end up struggling. This will be his first start in the majors since 2003 when he was with the Yankees, so I guess you do have to kind of feel good for the guy. I don't know what's so bad about using Nyjer Morgan in right, but, hey, at least it's not Kotsay again.


CF Stubbs

2B Phillips

1B Votto

3B Rolen

LF Gomes

RF Bruce

SS Renteria

C Hanigan

P Wood

Go Brewers!