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Phillies 4, Brewers 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On the pitch that Placido Polanco hit off Chris Narveson:

It was a cutter inside, he didn't get it far enough in. Polanco had swung over the one with two strikes, and probably a little bit farther down maybe a little in more. He tried to come back with the same thing and, you know, Polanco's a great hitter. Every year we try to figure out how to get the guy out. He's a great hitter.

On Narveson's performance:

He threw an unbelievable game. Through five innings, incredible. Lost his command a little there to Ruiz with two outs, and then lost his command in the sixth. 

When asked if it registers that you're in the middle of a potential no-hitter:

It does but it doesn't. you're thinking about how the game's going, and where you are, there's too many other things to think about that you can't really look at that. 

On Shane Victorino's hit with the hit and run on in the sixth:

The one that he squibbed off the end? Yeah. You know, breaks are a lot of this game. That was one that ended up hurting, but they hit some hard balls too. They hit a couple of hard balls that we catch, and (pauses to hear something said) sometimes they do. In a tight game like this it usually comes down to some breaks.

On the overall play over the last few days:

I think it's great to see. That was a really well played game. There were some really good defensive plays in that game. And some timely hitting. We scrambled good for the first three runs that we got, Luc got a cutter in that, probably pretty similar to the pitch that Polanco hit out, and he hit a home run on his. But it was well played, and really well pitched. We made a pitch to a good hitter that probably just didn't get where it needed to be and that's part of it. You could say 'Well, why didn't you throw a fastball away?" and we've tried that with Polanco and he'll fire a ball over second base, so it's a gamble coming in, and they got us.

I'm happy with the road trip. When you go in and get swept by a team you're never happy about it. I don't care if it's the Nationals, I don't care who it is, you're never going to be happy about it. But to bounce back against a great team and to win the first two, and really play this, a very good game, I'm very happy about the way we played.