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Stat Of The Night: Turner Ward? Really?

It's been a pretty good week for Ryan Braun, and it probably would have been even if he hadn't cashed a $10 million signing bonus check. Braun had three hits tonight and has reached base in each and every one of the 19 Brewer games this season, tying him for the fifth longest season-opening streak in Brewer franchise history.

The four longest streaks in Brewer history are held by three guys you might have guessed, and one guy you might not have heard of:

Player Start End Games
Jeff Cirillo 4/5/1999 5/17/1999 36
Turner Ward 4/5/1994 5/7/1994 28
Jeromy Burnitz 4/5/1999 5/5/1999 27
Robin Yount 4/5/1983 5/4/1983 23

Aside from the unlikely Turner Ward appearance, here are two things I took away from these numbers:

  • Two of the three longest streaks in Brewer history started on the same day in 1999. Both Jeff Cirillo and Jeromy Burnitz were on base in every April game for that team, and they went 9-13 anyway.
  • Clearly, every Brewer season should open on April 5.