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Todays Matchup: Astros (Wandy Rodriguez) at Brewers (Randy Wolf)


Happy Easter!

In today's game, the Astros are sending out Wandy Rodriguez (1-2, 5.48), who is probably the teams ace after the departure of Roy Oswalt last year, though his high ERA doesn't reflect that.  His FIP is right around where it has been since 2008 at 3.65.  He is also striking out and walking one batter less per nine innings this season compared to last.  Rodriguez throws three high 80s fastballs--a two seamer, a four seamer and a cutter--along with a changeup and a curveball.  Here is how current Brewers have fared against Rodriguez.  As you can see, Rickie Weeks, Ryan Braun and Casey McGehee have all had success against Wandy while Prince Fielder has mostly been held in check.

Randy Wolf (2-2, 3.18) had another very good game in his last outing, going six innings without giving up a run and allowing just two hits.  He currently sports a 4.32 FIP.  Here is how current Astros have fared against Wolf in their careers.

Here are the lineups, now with 100% more Brandon Boggs!


Weeks 4
Gomez 8
Braun 7
Fielder 3
McGehee 5
Betancourt 6
Boggs 9
Nieves 2
Wolf 1


Bourgeois 8
Sanchez 6
Pence 9
Lee 3
Hall 4
Michaels 7
Johnson 5
Towels 2
Rodriguez 1

Go Brewers!