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Stat Of The Night: Gomez Getting Hot

I was pretty hard on Gomez in the game recap, so I'll do my best to make up for it by saying something nice about him here: He's been making some nice plays in the field lately, and tonight's third inning single extended his hitting streak to five games.

The streak is tied for the sixth longest of Gomez's career, and it's his second longest as a Brewer. Here are his top five:

Start Date End Date Games
5/31/2008 6/11/2008 12
4/18/2010 4/29/2010 8
7/22/2008 8/2/2008 8
8/18/2009 8/23/2009 6
5/16/2008 5/23/2008 6

The 2010 streak was in Gomez's first month as a Brewer. The other four streaks were all as a member of the Twins.

The Brewers have now had ten hitting streaks of five games or longer this season. One of them belongs to Casey McGehee, who went 2-for-4 with a double tonight to extend his streak to eleven games. That's tied for the longest streak of his career.