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Reds 9, Brewers 5: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin.

On Chris Narveson's outing tonight:

No, he didn't have it. Everything was elevated. I don't want to make excuses but he was sick yesterday, was better today, definitely better today, but he still probably wasn't 100%. I know he wasn't 100%. Hopefully that's the reason he was up in the zone, but he was up. Everything he threw was up.

On Casey McGehee holding his thumb leaving the field in the ninth:

He caught his thumb on the shoulder or something of Votto. Doctor's in checking him out.

When asked if the Brewers considered not starting Narveson today since he was sick:

No, we sent him home early yesterday and, whatever it is, cold, flu symptoms, stuffy and that kind of stuff. So it wasn't in question whether he was going to pitch or not.

On getting an opportunity to come back:

We did have a shot. Really, we got back in it with it being 7-3 there, we had some things going, and then we gave them two more runs, which kind of ended that.

On Sergio Mitre's outing:

He's rusty. He had to pitch, if we don't get him in there I think he was on six days. So he had to pitch and, same thing, he wasn't down in the zone with his sinker and obviously, walking the guys. But we're gonna need this guy. He's a good pitcher and we're gonna need him and he had to throw.

On getting solid outings in relief from Brandon Kintzler and Zach Braddock:

I think it's really good. That's how you come back and win some games that you think you're going to be out of. Kintzler, he's got good stuff, he knows how to pitch, he's done a nice job for us. I know he had the one outing that wasn't good but he's done a nice job for us. And I'm happy to see the way Hawk (LaTroy Hawkins) threw, ball's coming out good, the off speed stuff was good. You know, we had a bad third inning. It was just a bad inning.

On Jay Bruce, Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips:

They are very good hitters. You try to figure out how to get some of them out, sometimes you get behind on them and then you're really in trouble because they're patient, they're not chasing pitches, and you're trying to make a good pitch off the bat and if you miss the corners, if you get behind, then you're in trouble.