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Stat Of The Night: Solo Shot Success

Rickie Weeks, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder didn't have much help from their offensive teammates tonight, but they led the Brewers to a win anyway with one solo home run each. This was the sixth time in franchise history where the Brewers have won a game while scoring three or more runs, all on solo home runs:

Date Opponent HR Final Score
9/2/2002 Cubs 4 4-2
7/23/1989 Twins 4 4-1
Tonight Reds 3 3-2
7/30/2000 Rockies 3 3-2
6/18/1976 Athletics 3 3-2
4/20/1974 Tigers 3 3-1

The 1989 game featured home runs from four different batters: Glenn Braggs, Robin Yount, Rob Deer and Greg Brock. The 2000 game might have been the most unlikely: Geoff Jenkins, Jeromy Burnitz and pitcher Jeff D'Amico hit the homers. 

The 2002 game might be the most interesting, though: It was game one of a doubleheader. The Brewers also hit three home runs in the second game, but lost 17-4.