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Today In Brewer History: Spahn Stops San Francisco

On this day in 1961, Warren Spahn put together one of the more impressive pitching performances during the Braves' 13 year run in Milwaukee. Facing the Giants, he won his 290th game by becoming the oldest major leaguer ever to throw a no-hitter.

Spahn had just turned 40 earlier in the week, making his effort all the more notable. To put that in perspective, here's the full list of Brewer pitchers who have maintained a major league career long enough to start a game after their 40th birthday:

Pitcher Season Starts
Jerry Reuss 1989 7

Yup, that's it. In the 40+ years of Brewer baseball, there's only been one 40 year old starting pitcher. Yet somehow Warren Spahn managed to throw a no hitter at that age.

Also worth noting: Don Sutton is the only other Brewer to start a game at 39 years old, making 33 starts in 1984.