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Stat Of The Night: Fielder's Fourth Four-Bagger

In tonight's matchup thread I mentioned that Prince Fielder has been very good against Brett Myers, entering the game as a .333/.400/.833 hitter against him. Fielder wasted no time proving the point, hitting a solo homer as the second of back-to-back shots in the first inning. 

Fielder is now the fourth player to homer off Myers four times in his career:

Player HR
Dan Uggla 5
Andruw Jones 4
David Wright 4
Prince Fielder 4

It's worth noting, though, that Fielder reached four much faster than the other three batters on this list. Uggla, Jones and Wright have all faced Myers at least 42 times: Fielder's first inning homer came in his 21st career plate appearance against him.

As a team, the Brewers have had no problems taking Myers deep. Since the start of the 2010 season he's faced then six times and allowed ten home runs in 37.1 innings, or 2.4 per nine.