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Stat Of The Day: Brewers In Pretty Awful Company

The Brewers aren't exactly a franchise steeped with winning tradition. 2011 is the franchise's 43rd season, and they've posted a winning record in just ten of them (2011 record pending).

So armed with that knowledge, you'd think that 0-3 starts were relatively commonplace, right? You'd be wrong. Going all the way back to their lone season as the Seattle Pilots in 1969, I was only able to find four other comparable starts:

Season Start Final Record
2003 0-6 68-94
1985 0-5 67-94
2001 0-4 68-94
1970 0-3 65-97

I don't know what to tell you, because there's really not any good news here. Of the four previous Brewer teams that started 0-3, only one of them won the fourth game. And those four teams finished with an average of 67 wins.

Here's an interesting tidbit to go along with this: Of the five teams to accomplish this feat, three were led by new managers: Dave Bristol in 1970, Ned Yost in 2003 and now Ron Roenicke in 2011.