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Brewers 1, Astros 2: Ron Roenicke's post game comments

On Wandy Rodriguez:

"I know he's been tough and, you know, he hits spots. He's got a great curveball that he can throw in any count. Usually keeps it down well. And we got some hits off him. We had a couple chances. Brauny had a couple doubles there, gave us a chance. But you know, he's a good pitcher. He mixes up stuff well. He's not afraid to throw the fastball in or out."

On Prince's home run:

"That's huge to get us there and get us back out on the field again. That felt great. We all felt great, with Kameron coming in. We still had Ax. So, you know, that's huge for Prince to tie it up there."

On Carlos Gomez's baserunning, and getting thrown out at third:

"He's an aggressive guy. You have to read it instictually, and he didn't read it right... I want these guys being agressive. It's just tough once you shut it down, and then they bobble the relay coming in, its tough to get it going again."

Asked about losing a lot of tough games so far this season:

"We have lost some tough games, a lot of close games we've lost. You know, there's a lot of little things that you look at in these games that make the decision on the outcome. Somthing that maybe we don't right, or maybe that we have an opportunity offensively and we don't come through, or the other team, they do a good job hitting and they get that one run. But when we get it tied up or we get it close, I feel really good about our team. And right now, we just have't been finishing the games."

On the Crew's .500 record:

"We're playing good enough ball. We could be a lot better than that."