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Today in Brewer History: Happy Birthday Ray Fosse

On this day in 1947, Ray Fosse was born in Marion, IL. Only one of Fosse's 12 major league seasons was spent as a Brewer: He hit .231/.286/.327 in 19 games as a Brewer in 1979. It was his last professional season.

Unfortunately for Fosse, he's not nearly as famous for his major league career as he is for one play in the 1970 All Star Game. I'll let Wikipedia share the details:

Arguably, Ray Fosse is most famous for being bowled over by Pete Rose at home plate in the last play of the 1970 All-Star Game. Rose scored the winning run, while the collision separated Fosse's right shoulder. The injury is often incorrectly cited as what caused the downfall of Fosse's career. In reality, Fosse played 42 games in the second half of 1970, hitting .297 and winning the American League Gold Glove Award. Rose asserted he was simply trying to win the game; however, he was widely criticized by some for over-aggressiveness in what essentially was an exhibition game.

Until reading that note I didn't realize that the reports of Fosse's demise were so exaggerated: He went on to play eight more seasons after the incident, including three as a primary catcher. Fosse's career did end early, though: He was only 32 when he finished his major league career as a Brewer.

I found Fosse's birthday via the B-Ref Play Index. With help from B-Ref and, we'd also like to wish a happy birthday to: