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Takashi Saito And The Brewer Offense Make It 0-4 with 2-1 Loss To Braves

Chris Narveson was pretty good today, but it wasn't enough.
Chris Narveson was pretty good today, but it wasn't enough.

W: Peter Moylan (1-0)
L: Takashi Saito (0-1)
S: Craig Kimbrel (2)

HR: Rickie Weeks (3), Martin Prado (1), Dan Uggla (2)

MVP: Chris Narveson (+.376)
LVP: Takashi Saito (-.420)

FanGraphs Win Expectancy Graph and Star of the Game Voting

There are more than a few of us pretty concerned about how John Axford will handle his next save opportunity. Today, Takashi Saito saved him the trouble and blew a 1-0 lead by allowing a pair of solo home runs in the eighth.

Rickie Weeks was the lone offensive bright spot today, hitting a solo home run in the third inning to give the Brewers the lead. From there, though, the Brewer bats went silent. Despite having runners in scoring position with less than two outs in the 2nd, 4th and 7th, the Crew failed to push any more runs across.

Meanwhile, Chris Narveson was everything one could reasonably hope for today. He pitched six shutout innings, allowed just three hits and three walks, and struck out six. Kameron Loe pitched a scoreless seventh before Saito entered the game.

Nyjer Morgan made his first start as a Brewer today and went 0-for-1 with a walk and a somewhat questionable sac bunt.