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Braves 2, Brewers 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

Here are manager Ron Roenicke's postgame quotes, as seen on FS Wisconsin:

On not hitting today:

I know we have a good offensive team, sometimes a lot of that is due to the other side. I know we've faced some good pitching, that guy today (Beachy) has got a nice arm. He spots the ball real well, he throws breaking balls for strikes...he's going to be a real good pitcher.

On Saito:

It was up high. I know he didn't want to throw it that high, it was surprising that he was able to get on top of it. That's a great job of hitting to be able to hit it like that. And then he hung a breaking ball, and, you know, it was the right pitch, he just hung it a little bit. 

On going 0-4:

It happens, but right now it's hard because you put confidence in guys and I know they're going to do a good job. And they're trying, everyone's trying, sometimes you try to do a little too much at times.

On hitters pressing

I don't know if they're pressing so much that this early point...we also had a couple of games in spring training where we didn't score. It's not always a case of...this is three games now where we haven't swung the bat well... Even if you look at the games in Cincinnati, we squared up a lot of balls, hit balls right at people. I thought we swung the bat really well. Today we didn't hit the ball hard, and I think their pitcher did a really nice job.

On his emotions before his first home game.

Actually, I felt really good today. I thought this was a day that we were going to get that win, and I came in and the guys were loose and we had a good feeling coming into today's game. So yeah, I was okay.

On struggles with RISP:

So far I know that's what it looks like, but again, sometimes you're not sure whether to bunt guys up to try to get that one shot to maybe drive in a guy, especially when you get guys to third base, you hope a guy puts a ball in play somewhere. We had a couple of opportunities, but we didn't have a lot of opportunities. And I know you look at, with runners in scoring position, three of those were Narveson when he was up. Narvy did hit the ball real good to left field, just got under it a bit. You don't want your pitchers to have to drive guys in, we'd like our regulars to be able to do it.

On Nyjer Morgan's second inning bunt:

That's him bunting the runner over. He's bunting to get the guy over, but he's also bunting for a hit also. And that's the thing I made clear with him is that he needs to be bunting for a hit there.

On Carlos Gomez's approach:

You know, the ball that he hit to second base today, that's what I really liked. That was what he did in spring training, and when I saw that I thought 'ok, he's still got that same approach.' He's hooking a lot of off speed balls foul. But I still think the approach is there, I know his first at bat of the season he hit a home run and you think 'I hope he stays with the good approach, that he had in spring training,' and I think he will.

On ignoring going 0-4:

It's definitely the message. you go through streaks in a season where you lose some games in a row. We did it to start the season, which is tougher, but we're obvious going to win a game, hopefully it's tomorrow, as long as the guys stay positive, I still feel like every day that we go out there that we're going to win.