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Stat Of The Day: Not All Bad News

Obviously, there's a fair amount of gloom and doom going around today after the Brewers' fourth straight loss to start the season. But there are also some things to feel good about from today.

Take this, for example: Even with a rough inning from Takashi Saito, the Brewers only allowed two runs today. If they can consistently do that, they're going to win a fair number of games. In 2010, for example, the Brewers went 14-3 in games where they allowed two runs, and 35-5 in games where they allowed two or less.

Here's a look at how they've fared in similar games over the previous five seasons:

Record when allowing 
2 runs
Record when allowing 
2 runs or less
2010 14-3 35-5
2009 16-3 34-5
2008 16-0 46-0
2007 15-2 37-2
2006 17-3 32-4

The magic number, though, really appears to be 8. The Brewers went 14-0 last season when scoring exactly eight runs.