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Brewers 5, Braves 4 Post-Game Comments

These posts have have only included Ron Roenicke's comments so far, but I thought I'd change things up a bit and include a comments from players.

In Prince Fielder's interview with Telly Hughes, on if the team has a silent confidence:

Definitely, I think that's just from Ron, he just has confidence in all of us. I think when you have that kind of manager with that kind of positive energy it just trickles down to us so I think he has a lot to do with our confidence and our aggressive plan and our going out there every day and feeling like we can win.

Hmm, sounds like a shot at Macha.

And some quotes from Marco Estrada, on getting the chance to make a start:

I knew my name was in the mix but I had no idea. I heard a lot of names... It was up for grabs and you know I'm glad they chose me.

I knew it was a long shot for me, you know. I wasn't in the roster, I didn't get invited to big league camp so I knew it was a long shot but I'm glad I opened some eyes and I got the opportunity today.

On how he pitched today:

You know I kinda took it just like I normally do. Just go out there and try to throw strikes, locate, don't overthrow anything. I took it the same as I notmally would and things worked out.

On to Roenicke...

On Marco Estrada's performance:

I thought the first inning [Estrada] missed with location, and they didn't miss hitting the ball. But then after that I thought his location was really good. He kept the ball down in the zone. Pitched in enough to where they had to make sure they weren't diving all the time. First inning the ball McCann hit he dove out over the plate to hit it. Chipper hit a changeup adn it look like hit kind of was sitting out over the plate. So after that [he threw] some nice breaking balls, mixed speeds I thought a lot better, and located his fastball better.

On if he see's John Axford's outing as a bounce back outing:

Well I think its still early. But no, I liked the outing. Like I said, the first batter (Heyward), you know, got behind on him but after that I like how he threw the ball. You know he's going to have to be able to come in and throw breaking balls for strikes so they get off his fastball. and I think once he does that than you'll see the guy that I think everybody say last year.