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Vote For Our First Brewer Of The Week

It's time to unveil a new BCB Friday feature: Brewer Of The Week. Each week we'll give you five candidates and three days to decide which Brewer deserves this made-up award.

This week we're looking at the Brewers' first seven games, through Thursday afternoon's win over the Braves. Our candidates are listed alphabetically:

Ryan Braun: Hit .391/.517/.783 this week, leads the team in hits (9) and walks (6) and is tied for the lead in home runs (3), runs (6), and RBI (5). Among the seven Brewers that have played in every game, Braun leads the team with a 1.300 OPS, and is one of only two players to crack 1.000 (Nyjer Morgan).

Yovani Gallardo: Posted a 1.20 ERA in 15 innings over his first two starts, and became the first Brewer pitcher ever to score the only run in a 1-0 complete game victory.

Nyjer Morgan: Started three of the four games in the Braves series, hitting .455/.500/.727 in 13 PAs. Then went on to provide one of the more interesting radio interviews any Brewer has done in some time.

Chris Narveson: The Brewers ended up losing the game, but Narveson's outing on Monday was probably the second best by a Brewer this season: He pitched six shutout innings and allowed just three hits, walking three and striking out five.

Rickie Weeks: Provided most of the Brewer offense during a tough opening series in Cincinnati. Weeks is hitting .276/.323/.655 through seven games, leads the team with 19 total bases and is tied with Ryan Braun for the team lead in home runs (3), runs (6), and RBI (5).