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A Musical Interlude: Ice, Ice LOOGY

This is the part where I normally say "With apologies to (band I'm ripping off)," but I'm not sure Vanilla Ice actually deserves apologies. Queen might, though. Here's the video, if you need help following along.

Yo, Roenicke....let's kick it!

All right stop, and commence your shouting,
Mitch is back for another short outing.
Coming out, to retire a lefty
Cause that's the only thing that Stetter does deftly.

Will it ever stop? Yo, probably so.
If a righty comes up they'll call in Kameron Loe.
His splits are extreme, so keep a tight handle
Against non-lefties he gets lit up like a candle.

SWING, and then away you go.
One time Mitch struck out 15 in a row.
But ONLY one batter can be seen.
He gets a quick out and then calls in Sean Green.

Called in, then leaving, and he's on his way
You'd better watch fast or you'll miss his whole day.
But if a lefty is your problem, Mitch will solve it.
Get out the hook and let the bullpen resolve it.

Ice, Ice LOOGY
Ice, Ice LOOGY
Ice, Ice LOOGY
Ice, Ice LOOGY.

I think we can all agree that one verse of this was enough. Word to your closer.