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Today in Brewer History: The Indoor Era

This is not Miller Park's proudest moment.
This is not Miller Park's proudest moment.

This day in 1965 was a defining moment in the history of baseball stadium construction. In front of President Lyndon Johnson and 47,878 others, the Houston Astros played their first exhibition game in the Harris County Domed Stadium (later to be renamed the Astrodome). They beat the Yankees 2-1 that day, in 12 innings.

In the years that followed, domed stadiums opened in Seattle (Kingdome, Safeco Field), Toronto (SkyDome), Minnesota (Metrodome), Arizona (Chase Field), Montreal (Olympic Stadium), Tampa (Tropicana Field), and eventually Milwaukee. Most of the currently used domes, like Miller Park, feature a retractable roof. Tropicana Field in Tampa is the last non-retractable dome currently in operation in Major League Baseball. Next season, another retractable roof park will open in Florida.

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