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Stat Of The Day: Offensive Peaks and Valleys

It's still early, but the Brewer bats have been pretty quiet on this road trip. After scoring five runs against Brett Myers on Friday they managed just one run on Saturday (and needed until the ninth inning to get it), then were shut out by Bud Norris on Sunday. 

By holding the Brewers to six runs over three days, the Astros have now been the opponent in both the Brewers' highest and lowest scoring series in 2011:

Opponent Runs Games Runs per game
Astros #1 24 3 8
Phillies 18 3 6
Cubs 16 3 5.3
Pirates 10 2 5
Reds #2 14 3 4.7
Reds #1 11 3 3.7
Braves 11 4 2.75
Nationals 8 3 2.7
Astros #2 6 3 2

The Brewers scored 59 runs in 15 games against the Astros in 2010, or slightly less than four per game. They were, however, shut out three times and held to two runs or less in seven of those games.