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Astros 5, Brewers 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Bud Norris' slider today:

I don't know if it's that much different from everybody's, but it's really consistent. It's a down slider. He did get a couple of them up, but most of the time his command, his location of it was outstanding. And he threw it a lot. It's a great slider. And then a couple of times he got us thinking slider so much and then all of a sudden he sticks a fastball on the outside corner and that's where he gets the strikeout looking.

I didn't catch the question here:

No, and when good hitters are swinging through 2-3 sliders in a row and they're not even fouling it, that tells you it's a good pitch.

On Chris Narveson:

He threw the ball good. Good outing for him. The 2-2 curveball that he got up to (Carlos) Lee, it's one pitch. If he gets that pitch down or throws another pitch somewhere and locates it better, he comes out of it with a great ball game. 

On the curveball to Lee:

It was hanging, and Carlos is a very good off speed hitter. He's always been that way.

When asked if good pitching is the reason the Brewers have struggled the last two days:

I think so, I think it's a combination. This guy today (Norris), I don't know how many sliders he threw but when you have that good of a pitch and you're down in the zone with it all the time there's not many right-handed lineups that are going to hit it. And yesterday Wandy (Rodriguez), he threw a great ball game against us too. Hopefully we won't have these stretches where we're not scoring but, y'know, some well pitched games.

On a pitcher's ability to dominate a game:

That's it. That's why I always say "I don't want to look at what's going on somewhere else because we'll get beat." And we did.

On the errors in this weekend's series:

Yeah, we've played really solid defense and we haven't played as good the last couple of days, but we still have to score runs to win. And that's going to happen. We've been playing so good that we're going to have a couple of games like that.

On the rest of the road trip (against the Braves and Cardinals):

Good teams, two good teams.