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Read A Review Of Fox Cities Stadium While Listening To The Timber Rattlers Tonight

While the other Brewer affiliates got their games in this afternoon*, Wisconsin is opening a road trip with a game at Quad Cities tonight. First pitch was scheduled for 5 pm and you can hear Chris Mehring's play by play on 1280 WNAM. Dan Britt is making the start for the Timber Rattlers.

If you're looking for something to read while listening to the game (and you've already seen all of our weekend content), Paul Swaney of Stadium Journey has a great review of Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium, the Timber Rattlers' home park. It gets high marks for food, neighborhood, atmosphere and return on investment, and three out of five stars in every other category. Here's a quote that sums up his experience:

As I walked from my car to the stadium I thought I was in for a dull time, what I found however was great attention to detail and an overall good baseball experience.

* - Brevard County is also playing right now, but there's no broadcast available. Adrian Rosario is making his fifth start.