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Record Pace Home/Road Splits And You

Winning on the road is fun. Just look at how happy it made Carlos Gomez.
Winning on the road is fun. Just look at how happy it made Carlos Gomez.

I've hammered on this point a fair amount the last couple of days, but I wanted to throw one more note out there before moving on.

Last night's win improved the Brewers to 9-5 at home this season, to go with their 6-15 road record. That means they're on pace for a 52-29 home record, which would be one of the best in franchise history, but they're also on pace for a 23-58 road record, which would easily be the worst.

Entering play tonight the Brewers have a .643 winning percentage at home, but are playing just .286 ball on the road. As you might imagine, that's on pace to be easily the largest home-road split in franchise history:

Season Home Record Road Record % Diff.
2011 9-5 6-15 .357
2006 48-33 27-54 .259
2007 51-30 32-49 .235
1983 52-29 35-46 .210
1997 47-33 31-50 .205
1978 54-27 39-42 .185
1992 53-28 39-42 .173

Interestingly enough, the Brewers have seven seasons in franchise history where they were actually better on the road than at home: The most significant example was 1999, when they were 32-48 at County Stadium and 42-39 away from it. 2009 was the last time they broke even: They were 40-41 both at home and on the road.

This team probably isn't as bad as they've looked on the road, but they've got some work to do to avoid setting a rather dubious record.