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Brewers 8, Padres 6: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

From FS Wisconsin:

On Marcum hitting the wall

I don't think he ran out of gas, I think he went away from a couple of pitches that he should been throwing. So, I think he gave them an opportunity to hit some balls and I thought he could have put some guys away.

What pitches?

Changeup in particular. You know he's got a great changeup he can throw any time and he got away from the changeup that inning.

on station-to-station baseball

You know I really like the way we swung the bat, obviously and you know when we're getting multiple on in innings its really encouraging. You know we talked about guys - a lack of guys hitting in scoring position and I told you my really concern was getting guys on in scoring position and we did that a lot tonight.

on Lucroy helping offensively

Yeah, he's um, you know, he's big. I don't think people understand the importance of the eight hitter in your lineup in the National League. Anytime you can get that guy that get's on base a lot and you get to the pitcher's slot you're going to roll around to your big boys and its important. So for a guy to do what he's doing for us - very important. 

on the base running mistakes in the second inning

It was bad baserunning. You know Corey, his thoughts were right. He rounded the bag and wanted to see if the throw was going to be high and if the throw was high he was going to continue on to third base and he got off farther than he thought he was so when he turned around and looked he was too far away from the bag to get back. And then when he took off - you know you kind of want him to get in a rundown - and he takes off and goes straight in and "Luc" he's caught in that position that he seems to be getting caught in lately and um, and you know, again he, I know "Luc" is getting tired of this - but it's just, he may have to just stay at that bag. You know, I don't want guys staying at the bag really. When a guy's in a rundown I want that guy to stay in a rundown as long as he can and that back runner always advances, but I know it's bothering "Luc" a lot, so we may have to keep him at the base.