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Stat of the Night: Putting Gallardo's Offense In Perspective

When Yovani Gallardo drove in a run with his third inning single tonight, he added a little more weight to the argument that he's the greatest hitting pitcher in Brewer history. It was Gallardo's 27th career RBI, and he's only a few away from having twice as many as the second most prolific hitting pitcher in Brewer history:

Pitcher Seasons RBI
Yovani Gallardo 2007-11 27
Chris Capuano 2004-10 17
Bill Parsons 1971-73 15
Dave Bush 2006-10 13
Manny Parra 2007-10 13

Here's another note to put that into perspective: Five position players in franchise history have worn a Brewer (or Pilots) uniform while playing in at least 100 games without collecting 27 RBI.

Player Season(s) Games RBI
Bob Heise 1971-73 212 23
Marshall Edwards 1981-83 160 23
Alex Diaz 1992-94 133 19
Kurt Bevacqua 1975-76 116 24
Ray Oyler 1969 106 22