A Brief Story of Redemption

I'm one who posts very seldom on here, at least in the daily threads, but usually stop by to read at least once per day. That being said, this is more or less just a function of the time I have available. Normally I used to contribute to every game thread, but a job has been in the way for several months now, and I only have the post-game spoils to enjoy. I wanted to drop by and share a story.

Without getting into too much detail, my grandfather is a very big letter writer. Aside from the usual stubborn stances he takes, this has been a point of humor for the family for as long as I can remember. Newspapers, schools, friends, even family have been privy to receiving one of his patented "declaration letters", usually with his also patented style of underlining and highlighting seemingly meaningless words. We think it's a secret code he invented. Only time will tell.

I promise this is about to get Brewers related. Recently my grandpa has taken to writing letters of "encouragement" to the sports teams in our great state. In a 1-2 page letter, he tries to write about what he thinks the owner of said sports team should do, or how he would run the franchise if he had the chance. However misinformed these attempts may be, one can only smile at his efforts and hope that one day his message is heard to his satisfaction.

Even more recently, the patriarch decided to write Doug Melvin about his disapproval of the way the team is currently going. Not to put words into his letter, but I would surmise most of the communication was based around how Roenicke doesn't know the team, leaves pitchers in too long, etc. These arguments have been stated for weeks now, and no amount of my statistical evidence to him will change his mind. As I said before, the man is stubborn.

So yesterday my grandfather got a phone call, the Moustache himself on the line. While it wasn't a long conversation, my understanding is that Doug simply called him to thank him for the letter, for being an avid Brewers fan, and gave him a brief 10 minute or so explanation of what his goals were for the team, why he's confident in the course we're currently taking, and how he really appreciates fans in general maintaining civil discourse with him while still cheering for the team.

The call meant the world to my grandpa, and while the family can still laugh about the absurdity of the situation, I just thought I'd call to attention what a cool thing it is that we live in a state and have a team where the general manager of a professional franchise is willing to make personal phone calls to regular fans who have the audacity to still write letters.