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Brewers 2, Dodgers 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

This answer was joined in progress:

Either they made really good pitchers or we just couldn't come through with that hit to open that up a little. 

On Shaun Marcum tonight:

Same thing he usually does. He's down in the zone really well. He changes speeds so much that they really have trouble trying to lock in on one pitch. He's hard to go up to the plate and be able to sit on a certain pitch because you get so many pitches from him on both sides of the plate that there's really no smart way to approach him.

On the changeup as Marcum's go to pitch:

It is. It's a strikeout pitch, it's a strike when he needs to. He can get it up a little bit, and he can really change speeds on it. He can throw one 72 and he can throw one 80. It's really two different pitches. It's almost like Greinke's curveball: He's got the one that's 77 and the one he flips up at 66 and really, they're two different pitches.

On Marcum's success on the road:

I think he's been great everywhere. He had the one bad inning his last outing. Besides that he's been outstanding no matter where it is. You know, nothing affects the guy. A tough lineup doesn't bother him, a good hitting ballpark doesn't bother him, he just understands how to get out good hitters, no matter what the circumstance is.

On Carlos Gomez robbing a home run:

Carlos had a big play out there, and we always talk about Carlos and what he does for you on defense versus offense and I know he had a tough day at the plate today, but he makes that play and it ends up being a huge play.

On Jon Garland:

Garland's always tough. We had him for a year when I was in Anaheim and he just goes out and he doesn't give you the opportunity to score many runs. He keeps the ball down well, he's got the nice sinker that he throws on both sides of the plate, a nice curveball, a good change, and he's just a tough competitor.

On the pitch where Garland walked Shaun Marcum:

I thought it was outside, what'd it look like on the replay? Borderline? Ok. Yeah, I don't know. The pitching, Kameron came in and threw the ball great and then Ax to finish it. When we can get to those two guys and they're rested, which Kameron really isn't rested, it's a really nice thing to get there with any kind of lead.

When asked if Kameron Loe got all three outs on sinkers:

He did and actually the velocity was good today, Rick (Kranitz) came back inside and said the sinker was really working well, but it's still...he's been used a lot.

On Gomez struggling with runners on base:

He gets a little more aggressive...most people get a little more aggressive swinging early in the counts, but you still need to be focused on getting a strike that you want to hit, not one on the corner, but one you want to hit. And that's the problem with some guys that get too anxious in that situation, and that's why they're not as good of hitters.

He's not as patient when he gets people on base. At times he looks like a different hitter.

You can get a few hits that way and get confident, and he's had some big hits with people on base, it's not like he never does. (Someone referenced tonight's ball hit down the line.) Right, right over the bag. (Someone interjected something about strikeouts.) And if you look at them, most of them were bad pitches.