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Dodgers 3, Brewers 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

(I had a minor DVR fail at the beginning of the conference, so I missed the first question.)

On Matt Kemp and his first inning home run:

He really had a nice night, he's a good player. You've really got to hit the ball well here to hit it, especially the other way, so he must've really gotten one to hit. 

When asked if he thought Prince Fielder's long fly ball was gone:

Yes I did. And I thought Casey (McGehee)'s ball was going out too.

When asked if the ball just doesn't carry at Dodger Stadium:

No, it never has here. At night time when it's cold here, you've really got to crush it to get it out. Especially to the big part of the park. 

Someone pointed out that Kemp's first inning shot had no problem getting out:

Yeah, it sounded really good, and he's hitting it in a place where it's not quite as deep. But when you're talking about alley to alley here, it doesn't go.

On Hiroki Kuroda:

Good slider, spotted his fastball, has us thinking off speed stuff and was throwing his fastball by us, but again, if those balls go out we scored five runs. So that's just kind of the way things go. 

On the team's struggles with runners in scoring position in the series:

We're just not playing well on the road. We're not swinging the bat, whether it's guys in scoring position or not. We're not stringing together a lot of good at bats on the road. And Casey's at bat in the first inning I thought was a really good at bat. And Prince's at bat in the seventh, a real good at bat. So we had some good at bats today. 

On balls that Corey Hart and Mark Kotsay hit that were caught:

Smoked it. And Kotsay comes up in the last inning and smokes the ball to left.