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Brewers 5, Padres 2: Ron Roenicke's Post Game Comments

On Kameron Loe not pitching tonight:

He was okay, he wanted to go. But we wanted to give him an extra day.

On Hawkins and Axford working out of jams:

That's the one thing about coming in from the bullpen, you've got to come in and be able to locate right off. You saw their guy that came in with the bases loaded and he hits Luc with the first pitch. That's what's so hard about relieving. When you come into an inning you don't have the time or the luxury to mess around with somebody. That first guy is very important.

On Yovani Gallardo's performance and velocity:

I like the way he threw today. And again, you know, we talk about these radar guns, and it's hard to say from park to park what's right. But his velecity is very good. I don't know is this gun is hot, I don't know. But I thought he threw the ball well

On letting Gallardo hit with the bases loaded:

With Loe being down, we wanted him to go back up there. And I still have confidence in Yo hitting. He had a pretty good at-bat. I was a little surprised he struck out there.  But he can hit the ball so it makes it a little easier when you know that.

Asked about only having Marco Estrada pitch one inning:

We were thinking about tomorrow and now he's okay to go tomorrow. Loe will be okay tomorrow so we should have it covered.