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Stat Of The Night: Selective Swiping

Ryan Braun led off the fourth inning of tonight's game with a single, then stole second with Prince Fielder batting. Normally you wouldn't want runners risking outs with one of baseball's best sluggers at the plate, but it's hard to make a case against Braun stealing because when he goes he's almost certain to be safe.

Braun is 4-for-4 stealing bases in 2011, and went 14-for-17 last season. Among players who have been successful in at least six out of seven attempts, only five major leaguers have stolen more bases than Braun since Opening Day 2010:

Player SB CS %
Coco Crisp 40 5 88.9%
Ben Zobrist 29 3 90.6%
Denard Span 28 4 87.5%
Franklin Gutierrez 25 3 89.3%
Jimmy Rollins 22 2 91.7%

* - All those stats were entering tonight. 

It's worth noting that Carlos Gomez isn't far from making this list too. He's 26-for-30 since Opening Day 2010.