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Stat of the Night: Don't Walk

In fourteen innings tonight, six Brewers pitchers combined to issue a grand total of zero walks.  While that fell eight innings short of the major league record for a walk-less game, set by the Montreal Expos in 1989, it is the longest such game since the Brewers moved to the National League.  It was the thirteenth walk-less game in franchise history to last ten or more innings:

Date Opponent IP Result
7/13/1979 vs. Cleveland 17.0 W 4-3
5/20/2011 vs. Colorado 14.0 W 7-6
8/19/1975 at California 14.0 L 4-5
4/10/2007 at Florida 13.0 W 3-2
7/5/1987 at California 11.1 L 3-4
5/26/2008 at Washington 11.0 W 4-3
8/10/1986 vs. Chicago 11.0 W 5-4
6/27/1986 at Detroit 10.1 L 2-4
7/15/2005 vs. Washington 10.0 W 4-3
5/27/1998 vs. Pittsburgh 10.0 W 3-2
8/22/1983 vs. Seattle 10.0 W 3-2
5/15/1977 vs. Detroit 10.0 W 3-2
7/30/1974 vs. New York 10.0 W 3-2


The 2005 game against Washington was won on a walk-off balk by Mike Stanton.  The 2007 game in Florida was the first suspended game to be played to completion the next day rather than called tied.

That Florida game saw eight Brewers take the mound, the most of any games on the list.  Tonight's six pitchers is the second-most of any game on the list.  The 17 inning game atop the list involved just three pitchers: Mike Caldwell (11 IP), Bill Castro (5.2 IP), and Bob Galasso, who picked up the win by retiring the only batter he faced.