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Stat of the Day: Players Who Don't Walk

If you missed today's series finale, you may want to take a seat before reading the next sentence. Yuniesky Betancourt walked today. On four pitches. It was his first unintentional walk in May, and his first four pitch unintentional walk as a Brewer.

Betancourt has now walked seven times this season in 169 plate appearances, good for a walk rate of 4.1%. If you hadn't guessed, that's a ridiculously low number. No Brewer has come to the plate 400 times with a walk rate that low since Johnny Estrada in 2007.

Only four players in Brewer history have compiled 1000 plate appearances with a walk rate under 5%:

Player Seasons PA BB Walk%
Mike Matheny 1994-98 1278 57 4.5%
Bill Schroeder 1983-88 1153 54 4.7%
Dick Davis 1977-80 1023 35 3.4%
Von Joshua 1976-77 1015 39 3.8%

Betancourt's 169 PAs are already the 34th most in a Brewer career by a player who walks less than five percent of the time. If you remove pitchers, he's 27th.