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Brewers 11, Nationals 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments


As seen on FS Wisconsin:

You're going to have to ask Dale if they did anything but Corey's an um, you know, streaky hitter and Dale keeps telling me you know he's going to find it and when he finds it he's going to do this kind of stuff

Did [Corey] need this?

I think he needed it. I know before talking to him not yesterday so it would have been Saturday nigght after the game - he's been a little frustrated. And so yes, I think he did need it

Did you need this?

Did I need it? I definitely needed a game like this

Was it good to just get Dillard in a game?

Yeah, I've been wanting to and um, you know, I know maybe the results weren't as good, but it was nice for us to see him. He's got good stuff. That fastball comes out of there - you know for a guy down under it comes out hot. And threw some nice sliders there. So yeah, I liked what I saw.

Did Corey not play yesterday because he needed a day off or was it Jimenez?

You know, there's certain guys I like to match up anyway and I thought it was a good match up for him to sit htat day. You know I'm still, some of the guys I'm still, I don't want out there nine innings every day and he's one of those guys. Certainly, when he gets hot he's going to be out there every day, but I thought it was a good time to do that.

Chat on Saturday with Corey, was that about him sitting on Sunday?

Yeah, After the ballgame I told him you're not in there tomorrow and you know he's been a little furstrated. You know, the guys work hard and when results don't happen in games, you know when they keep building up you know it gets to you.

You've commented many times that [Hart] killed you in Anaheim. Does this look familiar to you?

You know it cyclical and its seen him over the years in Spring Training. Some days he just he looks like no matter what you throw up there he's going to hit it and then there's other days awhere you like at him and you go wow, his timings off or somethings off.

On Gallardo's solid outing

Yo, I thought his curveball was outstanding today. He didn't throw as many sliders as he usually does although his slider was good also and he located his fastball well. You know, he got hurt a couple of times on fastballs up but I thought he - you know the whole game was really in control of all his pitches and really could do what he wanted to do.

On holding Yo to 100 pitches a few times over the season

Well I think if we're looking at the ballgame there and I think if its a 2-1 game, a 3-1 game I think he probably goes back out. But I think just the way the score is - I know we didnt have a closer tonight, but I still felt like you know we had enough down there that we could get through the game.