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Tuesday's Cracked Mug

Morning folks,

I had a plan for today. I was pretty excited about the Where's Bernie promotion, so two friends and I got up at 4:30 to get to Pierce Park in Appleton at 5. I should've known better than to waste my time.

We arrived at the park at 4:55, intending to wait the five minutes until 5 and start searching per the rules. What we found was a parking lot full of people walking back to their cars. The park had already been picked clean.

It looks like we weren't alone in our frustration. Here's a quick look at what people are saying on Twitter:

@ SarahAHartwell So disappointed - thank you to the people who ruined the fun by harassing the person hiding statues at the West Bend location

@ezcheese Screwed on at Frame Park. How are people camping out overnight in their car not being told to leave. Park closes at 10pm.

@jenkinsfanatic ... wouldn't know, people stole him off golf carts before he was hidden..kidnapping is not cool!

@athompson6609 cheaters in GB had a steak out at elem school, saw placed at 2am and took 7! Last 1 took at 430. LAME!!

@mamaaace76 Got up at 4 2 look and all I got was wet feet thanks to the cheaters! Cheaters ruined what could have been fun

If you're one of the people who got up extra early this morning to steal a statue before 5 am, congratulations. I hope your plastic lawn ornament and whatever was attached to it was worth it. Because of people like you a fun promotional idea turned into a waste of time and likely a PR embarrassment for the team.

My plan was to start work on this morning's Mug once we got back from the search. Instead, I went back to bed. I have nothing positive to say right now, and there's a notable dent in my faith in humanity.

If I wake up in a few hours and feel differently, there might be a late Mug today. I wouldn't count on it.